At a French outdoor market or (Olivenhain Grove Sale) the first thing you would want to purchase would be this AUTHENTIC FRENCH wheeled pulled cart!!

      It exudes perfection and is reminiscent of what the french ladies would be toting their special purchases around in.
      This leads me to introducing our First Vendor,
      Andrea Drexelius fromFRENCH BASKETEER”. Importer of classic french beautiful Totes, Carts and Baskets. Her products are amazing, Andrea is passionate about baskets and how they are constructed. She lives in Orange County and France. She has a blog you can visit
      Her web site is
      Don’t worry I will put FRENCH BASKETEER near the front so you can purchase one of these Beautiful items right away to show off, I mean tote your Fabulous treasures around in!!!!!!
      I know I won’t be leaving home without one!!

      I had seen the ad for the sale in Today's Vintage. Looks like it is going to be fun….Julian

      what a lovely blog….al and maxine told me this was something to see, and of course they were right….i used to do something similar in the early seventies in orange county….find beautiful things and then find the people who will appreciate them….casual truly does love elegance….kat baldwin

      Thank you Gail! We will have lots of pretty merchandise and baskets just for the Grove Sale; we will have a neat little row of rolling carts waiting at the entrance…all best, Andrea