I ‘m sending a Heartfelt Valentine Wish for Love, Kindness, Respect, and Happiness to :My Family,Friends and All of those who Believe in the the “Magic and Power of Love”.
      On Jan.14,2010 I started the new year with this blog. Along with clear new visions for my future and business, I have been procrastinating starting tasks like this blog, the excuse being I didn’t know where to begin and my skills on the computer are well …not proficient. I took the task on with my fear of the technical aspect . My fear has diminished somewhat I am more confident that I can learn on this typewriter, Sorry, PC!! I’m not alone on this learning curve! It’s getting uncomfortable and staying with it!
      This post celebrates my First month of writing and setting up this blog! I promise not to celebrate each month . Maybe just yearly! Though in my own heart, and my family and close friends this is a little significant!! It has been rewarding, difficult, fun, ridiculous ,hilarious but mostly encouraging for me to know I truly can do anything I put my mind to!! I’m off and running that is where I hoped I”d be…
      To my 9 followers, Thankyou for visiting me and lending your ear!!!
      Love me*