A girl can wish can’t she!!!

      I was on my way home this morning with my car loaded with fresh garlands and wreaths for Christmas…
      I love The scent of Christmas….
       I heard my first Christmas song playing on the radio!
      As I drove the windy road back to our house,
      I can’t help but to wish for cold and snow…
      Yes like this!!!
      I took this picture from inside the car on our way to Mammoth for christmas a couple years ago…
      That year was record breaking snowfall for Mammoth, Ca
      It was truly magical and breathtaking that year…
       I grew up in the midwest so I soooo miss the joy and fun of a beautiful White Christmas and iceskating, sledding and snowmobiling!!!
      I really connect with the lyrics….I am dreaming of a “White Christmas”
      Made my favorite cup of Nespresso…. 
      After we unload all the Christmas greens from the car, 
      All of the newly split firewood has to be transferred to the  another area on the property and be stacked so it can be seasoned and ready for next year.

      I know I will be dreaming it will look like this….
      Well better get going and start the season…
      grab my gloves…
      Have a beautiful day***

      You know what tastes really good. Hot chocolate in winter time. I dunno why it just tastes better in winter time.