Beautiful Saturday Darlins,
      The last few years I have been trying to take notice of each season’s natural light. 
      I try to see if I’m able to guess what time of year it is without a calendar.
      A fun challenge, especially on the west coast!
      I’ve come to a lovely little conclusion that…
      it’s the *winter’s* beautiful light I love most.

       Photos all…Pinterest

      The way it warms a chilly room is gorgeous!

      My Design tip: Use light to cast a space by opening curtains and move your pieces around to catch the light of the particular season.

      Hop over to my Saturday’s Designing with Vintage series on Second Shout Out blog 
        shop vintage lighting to cozy up your space.

      Enjoy a beautiful winter weekend…

      Oh, me too….it's both the extreme white of winter's dormancy AND the surprising and arresting colors of spring. The in between of summer's light and late autumn's shades are wonderful, but it's the LIGHT of the extreme that I LOVE!

      Winter, my favorite season of light as well.

      Love your foto selection.