Hi Darlin’s
      Hope your enjoying this beautiful Saturday!
           LOVE * LOVE * LOVE
      I have my own specific shade that I am drawn to. 
      Years ago I named it Winter White.

      The richness & textures are so romantic & cozy…

      Winter is the season to enjoy textiles…
      I so wish we had cold weather here in SO CAL to do just that!
      The richness & textures are so romantic & cozy.
      A pair of vintage skis…what a find.
      That delightful texture is obviously from many years of fun!
      White Birch trees….Yum I love them, 
      This vintage planter box was found at our old beach house from the 40’s. 
      My dad cut these birch logs many many years ago. I treasure them, they won’t ever see the firebox!!! 
      They came from Wisconsin.

       I adore this gorgeous vintage house…
      I sure would love to peak inside wouldn’t you?
       I can only imagine the beautiful architectural detail and craftsmanship….

      Now this would be a cozy space to enjoy a afternoon nap…

      Large windows letting the winter light in… Paneled walls, so elegant.

      “My favorite white is Winter White” I think it’s a vintage classic.

      My Design tip: Choosing white accessories for your winter spaces will be beautiful. A light feeling to start off the new year.

      Hop over to SECOND SHOUT OUT BLOG & visit my shop Casual Loves Elegance for some winter White items…

      Have a gorgeous weekend,

      Hi! I'm so glad we visit each other, we seem to be inspired by much of the same beauty!!! This year we will have to try to coordinate a get together! It would be lovely to meet you as well….
      Thank you for your sweet comment.
      I hope you have a beautiful week.

      Hi Roxie, How exciting. cedar shake is one of my favorite. First I have a couple questions, about the walls…Does the paneling go to the ceiling? Is the ceiling paneled? What are the floors? Let me know and I can give you suggestions from there. Thank you Have a beautiful week! xo

      I LOVE whites too…..The pictures you've shared are beautiful! The house is breathtaking! Hubby and I are currently gutting a cedar shake cottage….my walls will be white except a knotty pine living and upstairs bedroom. My hubby refuses to let me paint the LR…but says I can the upstairs bedroom…any suggestions? Blessings and a wonderful week~~~Roxie

      Hi Gail,
      I lové the beauty in grey, white, and rustic to elegance you always inspire here. I even love the shout outs to the furniture web site you have, it's all so divine.
      I too have lost all my family, I just have my mother, her sister and my 3 siblings left and things that find there way into my home have this hidden treasured memory without a constant daily reminder that jumps out at you with sadness.

      I too live in Southern Calif, my family was in the movie picture industry and so on, perhaps someday we will bump into each other, or plan a moment we can share some inspiring visit time. It would be great to meet you, I find you full of beautiful inspiration.

      A beautiful week ahead of you.