I Hope everyone is getting back on track or perhaps venturing down a new path this year!

      I know that Winter is a long Season in a lot of places…Though there is a lot of great activities in Winter. Growing up on the lake was the Best!!!
      I came across these treasured photo’s of My Grandfather {with his skates on} & My Mom and Dad. They were standing on the frozen Ice of “Sand Lake”. Two photos showing snow and the other just COLD*** The Big White house was my Grandparents,{the little White one was their Boat house that hung over the water} They had the most Fabulous Lake House!!! I have so many wonderful Memories there. Most of all remembering my family….
      I lived about 3 miles from there on another Lake called “Crooked Lake”
      Each Christmas, one of my favorite Christmas gifts was a new pair of Ice Skates…
      Being the only girl… mine were always the little White Pair with Pom Pom Laces!!!
      I loved to skate after school with my friends!
      I adore the Fashion in these photos!!!!
      Well Here’s to a Wonderful Winter Weekend*
      Stay Cozy****

      Hi Gail! Thank you so much for the email and for sharing this link. I love your pictures and hearing about your wonderful memories and I can just picture you with your ice skates with the little pom poms skating around on the lake!

      We are in the midwest, in Kansas. We are looking forward to moving to the house in the next month or two and the kids are very excited.

      Thank you for the encouragment! I hope you have a wonderful day!

      Love these photos!! . . . I learned how to skate on a lake . . . great memories 🙂 xo – liz