Morning Darlins…
      Have you ever taken a drive in your favorite town or even around your neighborhood when your looking for inspiration for a project your planning?
       Sometimes we are drawn to a beautiful home and we aren’t sure why it jumps out at us.
      If you think back it was the windows and doors that caught your eye… 
      One of the most important architectural features of a home is it’s windows. They provide us with light to the interior, ventilation and they give warmth to a home while adding a look, character and defined style.
      They are the in the top three or four of all design decisions you make when building and designing a home. The window style is crucial. That one single decision can make or break a house. 
       It can take it to plain and just nice house to Fabulous house…the ones that you will remember.
      Small windows show us architectural style… This one is my boys wing.
      A white vintage carriage door invites us in. This one is on our Tin man’s shed.
      This one is all vintage and fabulous.. I found this on Pinterest sorry source unknown.
      Vintage windows and doors can bbe found at salvage places 

      Windows and doors give personality and style they are beautiful….

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      Saturday’s Designing with Vintage Series…
      Have a Beautiful Saturday 
      When your driving around or walking through the city take in all the beautiful windows and doors!!!

      I've just found your blog; it's beautiful.
      I love vintage doors; we have some ourselves…the vintage carriage door here is absolutely fabulous!
      Look forward to reading more of your posts 😉

      Yep, doors and windows can make or break a space. 🙂 Love what you showed here, so very beautiful! 😀