Happy Saturday Darlins,
      The last day of February, a little rain last night and a bit of windy weather here in SOCAL..
      Love it!
       Earlier this morning I wore my wellies, drove in sprinkles of rain!  
      So fun, out to scout some land.
      Now I’m home going to light a wood fire and do some work inside.

      My project isn’t to the point that I’ll be making window coverings yet, 
      but in the meantime I can dream with you! 
      There are vintage textiles just waiting for a second chance to be designed into couture window coverings.  If you have a little bit of sewing skills or your favorite Auntie has some, your set.
      Add some vintage jewelry for some sparkle. 
       I know you might be against cutting up grandmas vintage lace tablecloth for a curtain panel, 
      well my theory on that is…
       she most likely would rather you use it and look at it everyday thinking of her then keep it packed away.

      Maybe these ideas I curtated for you will have you running for the scissors, 
      remember don’t run WITH them!

      All from Pinterest

      My Design tip: Keep your eye out for vintage textiles, lace & trim. The only way to get something truly one of a kind us to use vintage materials.

      HOP over to SECOND SHOUT OUT BLOG for my Saturday’s “Designing with Vintage” series & SHOP for some one of a kind VINTAGE pieces.

      A beautiful last day of February to you!

      Oh, how GORGEOUS! I truly need to find the right linen for a window covering project for our TV! My husband made a cornice to go above the flat-screen TV that looks like an old theatre frame or even a mantle. But we currently have up a curtain that is too shiny/brassy looking. A good linen will really change things up!

      I want to thank you so much for your kind comment that I just saw. It was a lovely seven years of blogging, affording me the chance to discover poetry, and most of all, some very good friends that are part of my daily life. I will try my best to always keep them close as we all go off into our daily pursuits.

      Yes, I am writing more, reading more, hoping to find yet more gems of writing inspiration. Thank you so much for your gentle words! Anita

      Hi Dore,
      Are you loving the rain! I can just hear my lemons singing!!!
      I bet your curtains look perfect with your french surroundings. I love making things too, your knitted pillow covers are so beautiful by the way, I love them! Soft pastels of pale pinks, blues, yellows & lilac would be prety knitted up into shams…
      Have fun enjoy the last little bit of Cali winter!
      Stay cozy,

      Hi Gail,
      Love your inspiration photos, and I do sew, often enough yet want to do more. I made all the curtain Pannels in my home, and what I usef was drop cloths. I washed them in hot water then hot dryer for extra shrinkage. Then I sewed up a generous rod pocket. No need for a hem and slid the, on a rod that I also had cut from oak closet poles, way cheaper then the cheap quality rods from ready made.

      I have been lately wanting to layer them with vintage type table lace, giving them a little romance.
      Looking forward to your curtains.