Hope your Sunday is relaxing, peaceful and your enjoying quiet time alone or with family and friends… Mine began with taking my oldest son out for breakfast, he was home for three days from college so we like to soak up as much time of his as he allows… We took our dog Miss “Chloe”, she enjoyed being with us I presume! {She’s quite lonely and sad with out her BFF Bentley, as we are too.}

      I drove my Princess car, it was a beautiful day to drive her. After breakfast, a trip to Target… You know it’s a love / hate store with me, I {love} to go because I get all the paper items, laundry etc. But I seem to mosey around a bit while I’m there so I {hate} how I spend to much time doing that!!!
      I came home and packed a goodie box for my son to take with him back to school.
      After he left I was watering some plants near my son’s bathroom windows and I fell in love all over again with our windows and the stone pediements I had made. They turned out better than I thought they would.. I can’t wait for the whole house to have them!! Here are a couple pictures I took… Enjoy*
      Now I’m going to get dinner started!
      My design tip: When your choosing window styles, selecting the look that fits the architecture of your home is essential.
      Don’t just buy windows because they are inexpensive {Cheap} and you like the style. Labor is the same to install quality.
      If you need help, ask a professional. Choose carefull they are expensive, you will have to change them all out to have a cohesive look. Use a professional you don’t want a leaky window.
      {Our windows are “Pella” Archectural Series, low e, shatter proof, dual glazed, invisible screens.Paintable wood inside aluminum clad exterior}.
      Have a wonderful evening*
      P.S. I’m already missing my son in his room!!! It’s been two hours….


      I can see why you fell in love with your window and stone pediment..its magically beautiful!! So agree about you get what you pay for especially with good windows..so worth the investment!! Beautiful!

      I am so glad I popped over, your blog is absolutely beautiful! So fun to see your modeling pics, too! 🙂


      Those are so unique and simply gorgeous Gail! They add tons of character and you can tell how much you truly enjoy this process of adding just the right touches to your home. 🙂