Morning Darlins,
      Sipping my latte had me thinking of why we love Cafe’s. 
      Thoughts of a cafe seem to entice us. 
      Perhaps we know it’s a space that will be well designed & have delicious food. 
      You know the kind, I’m sure!
      Sometimes the ambiance is a bit quirky 
       just so creative we get distracted looking at every detail.
       Comfy with lots of vintage style. 
      Those are always exciting to find.
      The exterior alone is almost enough ….

      Let’s keep our hands off the window peeking in….stay with me!

       all Pinterest
      These pretty much fit the bill.
      Before you head out the door,you might want to leave your robe at home!

      My Design tip: Take a Q from a cafe, translate that welcoming feeing into the place you call home.

      A beautiful Saturday to you,

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      Gail I agree, the ambiance in a cafe is such that one feel you can relax with your meal or drinks and just "Be"!!

      The Arts by Karena
      Giveaway from The Enchanted Home!

      I love these cafes! It is one of my favorite things to do, sit in the cafe with a good book, sip a drink and watch people.

      These establishments are so quiet and beautiful, and the smell of coffee, the sound of chinking cups and voices, the blurs of people wisking by the window…what's not to love?