I hope your weekend will be filled with wholesome goodness…
      something pretty
      lots of giggles
      maybe a little nap…
      Insightful conversation
      great music
      thoughtful words
      meaningful moments!
      Mine is starting with this…
      My favorite French style yogurt made in Cali!
      Delicious paired with a vintage silver spoon!
      Enjoy a beautiful weekend!

      See you here in the morning, with a latte for my series Saturday’s “Designing with Vintage”!

      Hi Dore!
      Yes if you love french style yogurt you should try these. I find them at Jimbos Market. Plain is what I like then I add a little organic raw honey & stir! I of course love the packaging and I use them for wine glasses, but candles would be nice.

      I haven't made candles, I shall try a batch!
      Thank you Dore,
      A beautiful weekend to you!

      Hi Gail,
      Where do you buy them? I love the glass jars, the yogurt is in glass right? It's the only way to serve it up natural and organic.
      Love how you displayed it under a cloche and your favorite silver spoon.

      Would love to try them…have you ever thought of making holiday candles in the yogurt jars, you must have a large amount of them stored away.