This is the only Diva at my House….Miss Chloe she just got back from getting groomed and 3 Bags full of under coat fur combed out..

      She is a Tibetan Mastiff. She is my only girl here at the country House, I never thought a Dog would rank higher than me!!!!
      Her BFF is Sir Bentley. A short hair St. Bernard. He is the sweetest Dog and just so polite. When you walk by he gets up and moves out of your way.
      If your fortunate enough to be acknowledged by Miss Chloe she will give you a glance with a unsaid, Walk over me !!!
      Both of our Dogs are 3 years old. They are two weeks apart in age.We bought them from breeders within in two weeks of each other. The puppy cuteness was off the charts!!!
      Sometime I’lll share a puppy Photo.
      Yes…. these are Outside Dogs…. Pleeeeese
      Have a great Sunday!
      Love, me

      Nice dogs, esp. Tibetan mastiff. My long-awaited book on big Tibetan dogs is now available. You can see a description of it on my blog: or at my Facebook site:

      BIG DOGS OF TIBET & THE HIMALAYAS (Orchid Press, Oct 2010;

      Write if you are interested in finding out more about it… an autographed copy, for example.

      Your dogs are so darn cute! I have always loved St. Bernard's and Sir Bentley is no exception! How nice he is so polite! Miss Chloe with her tiara is precious! Would love to see some puppy pictures! They seem to enjoy their picture taken.

      Gail, The dogs look gorgeous! You should bring them to our market in CdM or better yet in Rancho Santa Fe Sundays; stop by the booth for a photo!! We are starting a contest soon w your dog and a basket. I had my pups at the market today, pics on the blog. xxoo Andrea

      Oh she's gorgeous! They are both amazing, of course, but Chloe is quite the girl. And yes …a puppy pictures please!