Last night I tried to write this post but my 3-g was out of charge and I couldn’t post it!

      San Diego and all of so cal including the Oc were out of power, all the way to some areas of Phoenix.

      I was sitting in the dark with candles upstairs with the french doors open, hoping for a breeze!
      The air was sooo still.
      I could see the whole city of Encinitas down to La Jolla and it was dark and eerie.
      We made it through fine, it was so romantic with the candles everywhere! Our house smelled so good from the scented candles! My son in AZ was also out of power at college. I was worried about the heat there for him. It was good to hear his voice on the phone, he said he was fine and that Yuma was lit up like 4th of July with all the generators.
      Have a great day and thankful for the electric.
      Kids are happy they got the day off from school!

      I was in San Diego last night after seeing a client in Carlsbad…stayed with my mom and sister…we had so much fun, barbecuing and drinking wine by the candle light.