I have a chair love which I have posted on before!!

      I have a collection of these WHITE European chairs.
      Wouldn’t you love to know how many kitchen or dining tables these have adorned over the years..

      The original paint colour is hard to detect you can see from the bottom and the chips they have been blue, green and now WHITE*
      I have had them for about 15 years and this is how I found them. They came from Scotland.

      My Design tip:
      Collect chairs that are simple for added seating. They can fit them into any decor.

      Happpy *WHITE *Wednesday

      The "petite" dresser between the 2 chairs reminds me of a desk from my grandparents that we use as a nightstand. Ours is still in the original dark wood, but I have to wonder how AMAZING it would be in metallic?? More food for thought…

      Wow these chairs are so pretty. Really like your blog. So glad that I found it!

      I don't think you can ever have too many pretty chairs like yours.

      Hi Gail, your chairs are gorgeous! And I totally agree that white can freshen up any space. Love the piano music by the way – very soothing.

      Karen O.