Beautiful day Darlins…

      Over the weekend there was a lot of gardening to be done.
      So happy for a little rain, 
      but you know what follows rain….
      Beautiful fruit

       I received a lovely email asking me about our grove, did we have any lemons now?
      So when I was in the grove gathering some fruit for juices.
      I thought I would snap some pics for a little tour…

      Love this DIY vintage marker we made.
      From an old sign, cupola parts, an old gate post.

      {You might enjoy my told posts 3/7/12 & 8/4/12}
      We designed, graded, put in the irrigation and planted mostly eureka lemons.
      They are large, beautiful trees now.
      They started out as little twigs wrapped in burlap.
      This is a navel orange tree. 
      {In addition to the lemons we planted a few personal trees for our family}.
      This is a tangerine tree.
      See the smaller fruit here on top of the bucket ? They are Meyer lemons. 
      We have a Meyer tree too.
      Meyer are beautiful for baking, very soft skin. Not good to farm & ship.
      We have apples too, these 3 are the first apples on the tree this season.
       About 1 inch in size right now. They have lots of growing to do!

      We also have 
      Our house sits up on a knoll so this time of year when our doors and windows are open we get infused by the fragrance of the grove.
      I wish I could bottle it!
      Next week we will be harvesting our first lemons for 2014. 
      Hope you enjoyed the quick little tour…


      Perfect Gail, it doesn't get any better then this!

      The scent of freshness, the dew of morning kissing it skin.
      How divinely beautiful your garden grove life grows.

      Thank you for this share.


      The photography of your gorgeous grove is beauty to my snow blind eyes! We had a snowstorm yesterday and another one hitting us in Philly tonight into tomorrow. The fragrance of citrus is one of my favorites and Meyer lemons I adore. As well as tangerines (such a bright happy sweet fruit) and don't get me started on my love for a juicy plum. Oh this post has swept me away to your magical grove.

      Hi Kerrie, Great, you will love having lemons for your water and of course lemonade! It takes a lot of lemons for that! I tried to follow you on your blog but I didn't see a follow button. Let me know I would love to follow you back.
      Have a beautiful afternoon..

      I can only imagine the scent…must smell like summer in heaven all year round. We just planted a Eureka lemon dwarf tree in a huge pot. It is growing fast. I love lemons.