Hello Darlins,

      So excited it’s raining at this moment in Southern California!
      We have been in a serious draught for years here… I think this will help!

      How’s your holidays?

      Yesterday morning my husband had us waking to Carols at 6:30 am…
      He must of been still happy about the short ribs I made the night before!

      I love this time of year so much!

      One more small package to mail.

      Here’s a peak at the new powder bath floor & custom door. 
      A couple things that aren’t complete….
      Soon they will be finished for the reveal!

      I’m sooo wearing my wellies today! 

      A perfect rainy day schedule… finish my wrapping
       do some business
       later this afternoon I’m meeting a friend to go to the cinema.

       Can’t wait to wear a cozy sweater. sip a hot latte & study film!
      Off to the post Office to stand in line!

      I hope your day is a beautiful one!