Welcoming Septembers 1st morning..
      ...are you ready for Autumn 2015?

      There’s really not a single thing I don’t adore about Autumn, how about you?

      I wish one thing though…
      crisper temps here in Cali!

      Oh, how I do love Autumn Fashion, 
      …wearing a plaid skirt & flips isn’t excting or making a fashion statement!

      I can’t wait to start looking at all the boards for the season…
      Here’s my Autumn Pinterest board.

      Let’s take time to enjoy the season from beginning to end…

      ONE more thing…
      Thank you so much y’all for the Birthday wishes! 
      So sweet of you & I love them all!

      Days ahead with seasonal changes Gail…
      I am so looking forward to WINTER! I am a winter lover, cuddle up with a lap throw, good book, and listen to all it inspires.

      Happy AUTUMN a days ahead for you.


      Wow! I love how you welcome September in the morning.