*Welcome Spring*
      Following a wet winter here in SoCal which we are grateful for,
       I look forward to a lush garden filled with blooms. 

      It’s beautiful to see all the dwarf stone fruit trees we planted last year filled with blossoms. 
       Fingers crossed the french lavender thrives this year, I think it was overwatered last year, so I replanted more in late fall.
      This Lupine is beginning to bloom and get’s to be about 8ft tall.
      Planted by the previous owners. No scent, short blooming season & not too attractive the rest of year!
      Heirloom roses are what I anticipate most in spring, I pruned them way back last month, I hope to have more blooms this year. 
      This pic is from last years garden.
      I Love Spring & I know she will be beautiful again this year. I have a dinner planned in the garden folly soon, I hope to have blooms from the garden for my arrangement.

      A beautiful 1st Day of Spring to you Darlings.

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