Hi Darlins… 
      Hope your having a beautiful fall week.
      Over the weekend we took the train up  up the coast and watched the sunset along the way.
      It was fun!
       Four hour ride and the train was super crowded.
       A novelty for us so we didn’t mind.
      Had me day dreaming… about what it might of been like to travel by train when my parents and grandparents were young!

      The suitcases were beautifully made for travel like these!
      Here is a few I have collected. It all started with the one in the middle from my MIL years ago.

      We spent the weekend in SantaBarbara and Montecito. Drove to Ojah, had breakfast at the “Kitchen” in Ventura which was on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. Went to dinner at Stella Maries .
      Took private walking tour of the new Beautiful shopping Mall in the beautiful development of 
      River park  called “THE COLLECTION”. 

      It is due to open at then end of the month. 
      Wow what a georgeous mall. A open air park, amazing cinema, fabulous restaurants and great stores that will be filling it up.

      We had a lovely weekend up the coast!

      With the warm weather still here my roses are still blooming..
      These are for you!
      Have a beautiful White wednesday 


      Love these suitcases. Gail!
      So pretty and perfect for a fall collection!
      Nice to hear from you and see you here at your blog.
      Have a great week.
      A 🙂

      It sounds wonderful, so romantic going up the gorgeous coast on a train together!

      2012 Artists Series

      Sounds like a wonderful trip! I've never been on a train trip before~~~must put that on my list! And yes, those Roses are beautiful~~~LOVE the color! Your suitcases are gorgeous as well…I'm looking for gray or white vintage ones..hard to find! You have a wonderful week! Roxie

      That sounds like a wonderful trip. I love trains with sleeper cars. We've gone on several of them, quite the adventure. Have a beautiful week!