“The voice of an Angel has been used to describe Whitney Houston… I would so agree. The world is saddened by her loss and prayers go out to her family and close friends.

      What a talented women and a icon in the Music Industry.
      I remember seeing the movie the body guard , having tears listening to hear sing ” I WIll AlWAYS
      LOVE YOU . It has been one of my favorite songs since. The Greatest Love of ALL, another favorite. When I was on the set early with a 5 or 6 am call{in my modeling days} I can’t tell you how many times the music was playing her songs as specially her “Dance with Somebody” to get everyone awake at 6am… I would sit in the chair getting makeup and we would all compliment how beautiful and model like she was….
      She was the voice of my era and I loved her songs as a young women the same age.
      Let’s keep her memory alive and listen to her beautiful voice here…
      At the bottom of my blog just turn off volume on my playlist and turn click arrow on Whitney here!


      So heartbreaking, she seemed so tormented. It really saddens me to think about how young she was, so much talent and so much living left to do. May she be at peace now.