Driving my son to school this morning  thinking, it is gorgeous outside ….with just a hint of crispness in the air.
      We lit our first fire in the dining room fireplace on Sunday night! Also a little light rain!
      We are so excited it is cool enough for that.
       I  know you probably think doesn’t take much for that Girl to get excited!!
      If so you’re spot on… It is those simply delightful and cozy things that I love so much!!!

      Over this weekend in the early morning and in the evenings I spent organizing and cleaning…

      I am a visual designer I have sketches pinned to my walls, fabric samples, paint colors and to do notes everywhere…
      See this wall…It divides my living room and it will need to open up to a new entry hall and library. 
      It’s coming down in the future!
      My quick sketch…this is my new designed wall. 
       Really, I could spend hours drawing it and would look the same!!

      It will be a supporting wall with function useful from both sides.

      This is a area that will get done last…it supports the upstairs MB and bath.
      I can’t wait to get to it!

      Vintage Ironstone platters, brown &white transfer ware and hotel ware…
      I have many and love to use them everywhere!
      A Little White Wednesday Collage…
      Hope you Sketch a beautiful day!

      I can't wait to see your project get under way. I too, and excited at the change in weather and the ability to light fires.Have a beautiful week.

      your project sounds so exciting! I am looking forward to following along!
      Thank you for stopping by today and lifting me up with your encouraging words!