Happy Wednesday!
      One day when I visiting my family we went into Chicago…
       I already posted on the beautiful lunch at RL’s.

      Well my cousin said we have to make time to visit EATALY!
      She knows I love a gourmet store, cooking and I’m a foodie!
      Did mention I was thrilled she took me there!!!
      I wanted to taste everything, look at everything.
      I’m glad I looked and left the tasting for another time!
      I had to have something sweet I could bring home from there to remend me of how unique and special it was..

      I brought home this sugar pot from EATALY. 
      I love it… Ifilled it with amber sugar rocks & it’s darling!

      Here is a few photos I took inside EATALY
      BREAD… they make it there.
      WHO knew there were so many varieties of cheeeeese!
      The butcher shop..
      A 3 story foodies field trip into cuisine haven. 
      This is looking down from the 3rd story.

      If you can EAT it you can buy it there!
      If you don’t want to cook it yourself… you can buy it there!
      Hmmm guess what?
      Yes mam, they deliver!

      I hope you visit EATALY sometime if your in Chicago or NY.

      A beautiful day to you, 

      How wonderful to experience such a place of finer foods. I would have been in food heaven there.
      You share the best locations 🙂

      Have a beautiful week Gail