Happy Saturday!!!
      Yesterday I had a little impromptu visit at my home… they are the best kind aren’t they? From my friend who had her friend visiting for a girls weekend from  NoCal.  I have heard about her friend for years but never met! As I expected her friend was delightful!
      They brought a bottle of wine so we sipped a little wine and i gave them a little tour of our project!
      The flooring topic came about…

      Re-using salvaged wood flooring or rescuing a old dated one is a way to cut down on the demand of making new wood from the trees in our forests.
      There are many techniques to lay a wood floor. Depending on the style of house, you will want to find a wood that compliments it.

      I thought I’d share some vintage wood flooring inspiration with you too!

      This is a foyer in my home. 
      These salvaged wood floors we used to have enough to complete one room. These are oak.

      L*O*V*E these reclaimed wood floors….
      These pale wood floors laid in a herringbone pattern are beautiful!

      Here is a close-up of a herringbone pattern, labor intensive but worth it!
      My Design Tip: Whenever possible, try to use reclaimed wood. 
      The character will be instant and it will add warmth to your space.

      Hope this inspires you! 
      Did you know SSO SECOND SHOUT OUT offers beautiful collections of WOOD, STONE and TILE? 
      They have authentic and reclaimed materials from France, old barns in the midwest and other places from  Europe!. 
      READ my whole post on Saturday’s Designing with Vintage on the SSO BLOG!

      Enjoy a beautiful weekend!


      Such lovely inspiration, especially the second photo with the arches. Your foyer floors (and everything else) are beautiful as well. Love the vintage football helmet.

      Gail I love reclaimed aged oak flooring set in the herringbone pattern!

      2013 Designer Series
      Art by Karena