Good Morning Darlin’s

      Scouting for Vintage pieces for my renovation is serious….So where do I go for serious pieces around SoCal? Los Angeles has some of my favorite spots. Wish we had as many as the East coast.

      A while back I was in LA getting my Vintage doors re-sized and designing my interior doors.  I always make each trip worthwhile and do a little scouting for some pieces I am searching for.

      OMG…It was LOVE at first sight when I spotted this Beauty sitting on the floor in the middle of lots of other pretties, but she was the most Beautiful!!! I think I might of yelled… YIKES, I FOUND MY SINK!!!
      Oh well… the shop owners are used to that right?

       I wasn’t sure how I would ever get it home or even off the floor, it took 3 men to pick her up! We used a lift too. Getting her out of the truck when we got home was another story…..

      She’s finally in my Butler’s pantry on the floor again…A slight obstacle, need to remove the existing drain hole on one side so that I can put a garbage disposal in. I was worried about drilling this Vintage Beauty, what if it cracks? I had my sub look at it and he said he can do it! Great news… I will still be holding my breath and crossing my fingers until  he stops the drill!

      My Design tip: Incorporating Vintage is Green. I have done it in all my design projects and renovations. It is the best way to achieve character and nostalgia.
      Happy White Wednesday*


      Such a great sink!!! I love that you are recycling, too. Very exciting.

      Cannot believe you found this !!!

      WOW Gail! What a FABULOUS FIND!! It is QUITE Beautiful and Unique. Can't wait to see when it's all finished! From one sweetie to another~~~Roxie