Morning Darlins,
      Summertime is when we get to see alot of special vintage autos, scooters & bikes out and about.
      There is something I used to think about when driving my vintage car about a sunny day…
       It turns a simple drive into an extraordinary little adventure, in a vintage car.

      In honor of AUGUST why not look at a few with flowers!





      This vintage pick up is simply cool, 
      I visualize it parked near a dinner party with flowers & deserts on the tailgate!
      A great country road marker!

      At a vintage tent sale in my lemon grove,
       I decorated the grill of my vintage car with a bouquet of daisy’s!
      It set the vintage vibe of the sale.
      Photo: Gail Smith-Peterson -CasualLovesElegance

      My Design tip: Have some fun and decorate with some fresh flowers on your vintage auto, scooter, bike etc. next time you have a gathering! It’s a great conversation piece & memorable.

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      I have this vintage tractor for sale, just needs flowers!  
      The tractor would be a great focal piece for a store or restaurant. Road marker!!! 
      A beautiful first weekend in August to you!

      Quickly… I have to frost the cupcakes I baked last night and we’re off to the bay with the boat for a family beach party!

      What Unique ideas for decorating ones vehicles!! Lovely~~~Roxie

      Oh Gail, I adore the photos, yet the truck with a bed of roses speaks to me! As for your vintage beauty I love the bouquet of flowers you dressed your Mercedez up with. I use to have a old vintage Jaguar, then a new beauty (Jaguar ) black, I just sold it after buying myself a Land Rover to help me be able to two and cart around some treasured vintage finds, I wonder if I will keep it long enough for it to become vintage! In any case you make me want to pop open the cargo space and fill it with buckets and floral cans of flowers 🙂

      A beautiful Vintage day to you, and a beautiful Birthday month as well.