Happy Weekend Darlins….
      When a baby is on the way we have so much planning to do…
      Especially all the celabrating!
      Recently I was invited to a baby shower for my friends daughter, it was over the top cute, the details were adorable…
      Nothing sweeter than a bunch of mommies talking about their families, and sipping tea and playing games…
      Did you know the tradition of baby showers began in Victorian times as a way to celebrate the pending or recent birth of a baby by presenting gifts to the parents? 
      According to Miss Manners… because the party centers on gift giving. the shower is typically arranged by a close friend rather than a family member. In fact is is considered rude for the family to give showers for them…Interesting, 
      Thank goodness my baby showers were by friends! Wouldn’t want the stork upset with me!

      Styling a baby shower in a vintage theme can be so much fun! 
      Pull out some of your favorite vintage pieces including furniture and be creative! 
      Here are a few ideas to help inspire you!
      A vintage cup for the new MOTHER filled with hand written sweet tips on Motherhood!
      vintage scale to display some baby items like these baby shoes and bibs for the memory game… Everyone writes down what they saw on it!
       This pink vintage scale would be adorable at home later with a stack of fresh baked cookies on it!

      Of course a delicious decorated cake, maybe with some vintage fabric flags. 
      Use your vintage dishes and serving pieces instead of paper products for serving your guests.

      These book markers are so pretty! Easy to make too, with vintage jewelry for each of the guests as a special Thank you gift.
      Cuddly vintage chenille teddy bears for baby’s room…
      A petite vintage pillow with a pale yellow hand appliquéd deer on the top of pillowcase,
      would be so cute for the mother to be to place behind her back or under the baby’s head when feeding!
      This picture of me with my youngest son….he was 6 weeks old here! 
      We were leaving to go to his baby shower!
       AWE…I remember every detail of our day like it was yesterday…
      When we were picking the dates for the showers (I had two) I wanted to wait until after the baby was born so I would know boy or girl!
       I wanted to get clearance from the doctor at 6 weeks before I took him out and about.
       Having him with me was so fun and special, I couldn’t wait for everyone to meet him!

      My Design tip: Using vintage elements will give the shower a style that will be unique and memorable.

      Hop over to Saturday’s Designing with Vintage on SSO blog and read the whole post.
       If you would like any of the vintage items go to my store here!

      Have a beautiful weekend,

      That must have been so much fun, so many pretties everywhere! 🙂 And you such a beautiful mommy! 🙂