Morning Darlins,
      A georgeous weekend in store for everyone I hope…
       Here in SoCal it is supposed to be in the 80’s!
      Want to give your dog the best looking house on the block? 
      Salvaged material,wood roofing shingles and some vintage fancy architectural details is all you need to get started on your one of a kind Puppy Palace!
      Dogs as you know like to be cozy, they should have a place of their own where they can feel safe and sheltered.
      I have been searching Pinterest for some inspiration for my vintage of dog house project.
      Here are a few I fell in love with!

      Love the vintage fretwork on the facia!

      I am thinking of elevating our house around a tree…. Our Tibetan Mastiff likes to be up perched up high when she’s guarding the palace grounds!!! 
      The porch would be perfect for them to hang out and nap!

      This glass solarium style is so cool made with old windows, 
      but likely would have to be for very small dogs…
      My Design tip: Complementing the style and architecture of your home with your dog house is good, after all it is another little out building!
      Soon we will be building our vintage dog houses…
      We are so excited that we just added a new adorable Saint Bernard puppy to our family this week! 
      We haven’t settled on his name yet, It has to be a family vote! 
      Fun coming up with names though!
      He wants to play all the time so I haven’t had much luck getting him to sit still for a photo!
       I quickly managed to get this one this morning! He is almost 8 weeks old.
      Have a beautiful weekend and I’ll share the Saint story soon. 
      I have been crate training him since we got him on Tuesday and up every two hours at night… 
      He is doing fabulous….
       I’m a bit exhausted!!!!
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