A beautiful Saturday to you…
      The spaces we live in are inspired by our basic individual tastes, surroundings and our climate.
      One common old thorn in the side, the budget.
      I see it as an advantage, here’s why…..
      The advantage of any budget is we can become quite clever with the  means we have. 
      Personally, I live resourceful and all my projects thrive on a tight budget!
      It’s all about the squeeze to get things in, thats where the fun begins.
       Vintage living fits beautifully with that criteria.
       See if you can spot all the vintage elements in these spaces.

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      My Design tip: Vintage items purchased at a fair value will not only retain their value but possibly appreciate over time. Be sure to care for them properly.

      If you struggle with pulling your space together on a budget, contact me through email. 
      I will be happy to assist you!

      Enjoy this beautiful weekend,

      Hi Dore,
      I have found a few pieces along the way too on the curb side! Sometime I will have to share those stories sometime! Your piece is special because of the love and attention you gave it! A nice feeling of accomplishment never hurts!
      The walls are coming along the guys will be back next week to start #2. They took this week off to finish another another job. It's ok my son had Spring break and baseball games all week.

      Enjoy your weekend too, Thank you for stopping by always love hearing your ideas too!

      Love something in each room, you know Gail you said you are very resourceful well we then are more alike them what appears. I really look,at a piece at a flea, tag sale, yard and thrift to see what it can become. It's amazing how beautifully organic a home can become with things found, and even pieces that look like they are on the last leg 🙂

      The cabinet in my Kitchen Gail is from the maker Century Furniture company, could not resist buying it at $22.00 at a thrift, it was all scratched up, yet the best wood in the world African Mahogany and some others here and there. I took it home not even with the intent to keep or use it but to restore and sell it in my shop space at the time. Later the top part fell into my hands from a Salvation Army store for $30.00 now that piece not being of the best wood did not matter it was the design, I took and screwed in a new bottom wood base, and took out the glass shelving to then add new wood shelving making sure I GOT a great deal at Home Depot because the pieces were warped and some splits, 50% off the wood yay! And the warping and splits added perfectly to the look I was after, noting perfect. The whole piece cost me start to finsh $85.00 now that's a resourceful pieces and wow look for what I was after….. And no guilt if something comes along I like better I could swop it out without batting an eye because I could sell it for more then I have into it 🙂

      I love that first picture behind that billiards table is a blue cabinet all sagging and full of beauty, I so would not turn that piece away.

      See you soon beautiful with more of what you inspire.

      Beautiful resourceful weekend to you….how's the yard coming along?