Happy Holiday’s Darlins,
      I hope your having some holiday fun…

      Since last spring,  I’ve been pining for the vintage black sleigh I spotted at a flea market. 
      It would sooooo be mine except…. I couldn’t get it from the midwest to Cali!

      So many favorite and nostalgic images of Christmas include pure olde school fun on sleds and sleigh rides. 
      Images that inspire the holidays with vintage beauty and happiness. 
      Keep watch…you may find something vintage like these to use for your holiday decor. 
      Truly a magical sight!

      If you dare…
      & have a large enough space why not bring them inside, 
      after all it’s Christmas!

      Photos Pinterest
      My design tip: Vintage toys, sleds & skates curate a playful & nostalgic feeling to holiday decor. Have fun with them.

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      A beautiful Saturday to you,

      Oh, sweet sleds of nostalgic beauty here, I had a wonderful sleigh yet sold it due to size would love to find a smaller one. I love that last photo and I bet you do too!i could so see you doing this in your home style.


      We have enjoyed the Krabloonik rides in Colorado, but felt sorry for the dogs, if you can imagine. Great fun for us to have dinner and the sled ride in the snow. Beautiful, evocative images, Gail.

      These are beautiful. My favorite is the image with the wolf. I have a vintage Ryder sled in a chippy pale blue, but am whitewashing it this year. I will distress it so that some of the blue shows in spots. I hope you will get your dream black sleigh some day.