Morning Darlins…

      Oh my…SoCal had a major winter storm last night… hail, rain and winds, I thought our master bedroom top floor was going to blow off !!!
      Our local mountain area, Julian is covered in ***snow*** and the kids there get a snow day!
      I looove to find monograms and initials which I talked about the other day…
      I found this vintage silver little box it was open, then I closed the lid and saw that is was engraved with a *P* on the lid! I got chills..couldn’t beleive it… So I thought I would share it this morning!
      I wonder what it was used for?
      Have a lovely day, stay warm, have some soup and a cozy fire!

      That's a good question, Gail… not sure what that would have been used for? Usually jewelry boxes have velvet or padding inside but that might have popped out? It had to be something special if it was monogrammed!
      P? It was meant to be found by you!

      To answer your question you left on my blog, Gail, it was a sale at a church in La Grange. Here is the link:

      Is that the one you are remembering?
      You'll have to let me know!

      Have a lovely evening.