Is it a family trait to keep old letters and pretty cards? 
      I certainly have the gene! 
      I have a lets say, generous amounts of pretty cards and letters from my family.
       My Mother, Grandmothers and Aunties used to write all the time.
      Both sides of my family, 
      My Mom’s family and my Dad’s were very close.
       Though they were in-laws, they had beautiful friendships that they shared…
      I loved reading some of the old handwritten letters and cards and seeing their pretty penmanship… 
      My Grandma McCleod in particular, wrote in cursive, so perfect but really small….
      Hearing of their travels and stories are so dear to me.
      I love vintage mail boxes… I am completely smitten with my find! 
      This vintage GLASS mailbox.
      The markings are hard to see but they say Chicago postal!
      It is gorgeous!
      I can’t believe such a beautiful container to hold the mail!!!
      Thinking of all the hand written letters that must of been delivered to this box is soooo romantic!
      Anticipating coming home and receiving a love letter….
      A little history:
      Mail {POST} boxes became a necessity in 1863, when citizens began enjoying free City Delivery. Letter carriers hand-delivered mail directly to their doorstop…
       1923 residential mailboxes became mandatory for each household to receive their letters.
      How about this french wall mounted box!
      This cast iron box looks like it may of been in front of a beautiful manor house or castle!
      LOVE the crown!
      My Design Tip: Even if you don’t get mail at home, having a beautiful vintage mailbox at your door suggests a bit of nostalgia and romance to all who pass by!

      Have a gorgeous weekend…
      Hope this will inspire you to take a moment and send a handwritten letter to someone you love!

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      I like the old glass mail boxes also.
      I think years ago while I was collecting I had one and no one else seemed to admire it like I did, guess I sold it in one of my yard sales?

      I would sure hang onto one now