Hope your having a fabulous week so far… My posts have sure been spread out, my life is going in so many directions, but with one destination & common thread if that makes sense! I am burning the candles at both ends but excited and grateful for all the wonderful opportunity’s. I’ll share soon!!

      The photo above I took is a Vintage Horn that was my Dad’s, He gave me this and a Vintage Bow and Arrow set with the most Beautiful colors on the arrows… Any hoooo, He used to demonstrate to my brothers and I how he used this hunting. I can still hear the sound! I can’t remember if it was for calling deer or moose.

      I cherish these things and I also have his mounted moose antlers which I LOVE* LOVE * LOVE. Can’t wait to place them in a special spot in my house. My dad was a passionate sportsman / hunter he could tell hunting stories for hours! I don’t think it was just the hunting …it was the event, camping/roughing it in the woods with his friends that was just a great outdoor experience.

       This picture is of a vintage horn handle that is on a cooking fork. We just found this at my mother-n- laws house when we were going through everything…. We cleaned it up and the section above the handle is sterling silver! It was the back yard grilling fork!!! So where is the matching knife I asked?
      I love these pieces and cherish where they came from! Someday we will pass them onto our boyz.
      Have a beautiful Thursday


      Love the texture and sentimentality.