Do you feel welcoming November is the calm before the storm!
      I have been focussed on hardware for my new custom doors.
       Finding some unique hardware is challenging, 
       I prefer vintage!
      The iron work is so beautiful, simply works of art.
      NewYork city school knob, wonder if this was on a special door or standard throughout the school?
      Do you think these are silver?
      Glass knobs & skeleton keys are so pretty, I grew up with these.
       Love to old homes that still have them.
      Love how this knob is used to hold back the curtain.
      Have you ever been at a front door and wondered if you should use the door knocker???
      Or do you play it safe… and ring the doorbell!!!
      Pretty heart key plate, perfect on a country door.
      This is so beautiful… I just need about 12!
      Love weathered wood & Iron work

       & this door

       & this darling little girl!!!!
      The holidays are right around the corner, never to early to get some DIY ideas!
      I am going to be making these I will show you how!

      My Design tip: A vintage door knocker will add character to a plain door.
       Glass knobs are a pretty option for a powder bath and bedroom door.

      Have a beautiful weekend, 
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      All photos today Pinterest.