Happy Saturday Darlins,
      The most traditional month for weddings is June.
      Couples will be choosing the special gifts they hope to stock their new homes with. 
      In the past, picking a silver pattern that could be added to over the years was a tradition. 
      A lovely idea if the budget allows…

      For today’s weddings there might not be a budget for those beautiful gifts. 
      Something more practical may need to be put into the mix instead.

      However vintage flatware is a perfect option!

      Photo: Gail Peterson
      This first photo of heirloom pieces are from my family, 
      Our personal collection consists of sets that I mix together from our familes, 
      Some are well over 100 years old.
      I treasure each piece.

       I love finding vintage pieces on my own as well. 
      Friends have given me pieces over the years for gifts too.




      Patterns can be classic, english, french, modern, deco, victorian etc.
      I love the horned handles mixed in too.
      Gorgeous vintage pieces more than you could dream of.
      Mix & match them.
      Already monogramed in every combination imaginable. 

      Here’s my idea…
      It would be fun for the wedding couple to decide on the initials and style 
      let the guests find what they would love to gift them.
      They could say on the registry Vintage silver -French in style – Initials “P”

      A special surprise to cherish, 
      also a wonderful memory for the presenter to share the story with couple where and how they found the pieces.

      Awe…I wish I would of thought of this for my own wedding!!!

      Oh well, ours collection will be handed down perfectly mix matched.
      photo: Gail Peterson
      A set of 3 small sugar spoons found here with initial “B” for Bride, would be a sweet token for the bride to gift her maidens.

      My Design tip: The Bride & Grooms family’s could pass on silver from each side. Each anniversary or Birthday is the perfect time to gift another piece. A wonderful keepsake for the new couple and in the future pass to their children.

      Hop over to SECOND SHOUT OUT BLOG for my series Saturday’ Desinging with vintage & shop  for some special vintage wedding gifts.

      A beautiful first weekend of June everyone.

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      Gail this is a perfect idea, my daughter told me that when she gets married someday she wants on the gift list vintage, save the planet and give recycled. Mixing and matching her her colour choice of
      neutrals, whites, vintage silver, platters, white dinnerware, floral vase's ….I think because of her choices in what we have gathered for our home she has caught the bug to repeat in her married life.

      Love this post! And love your passed down of pieces from family and it's perfect mix.