Hello Darlins..
      Hope all is well!
      I just returned home last night to SoCal, 
      My visit back home to Illinois & Wisconsin was simply
      Perfection &  Fantasitic.
      filled with

      Gorgeous weather everyday,
      with teeny sprinkles when we were at the NA-DA Farm Sale
      The sale was just so much fun & Fabulous! 
      Ann Marie and her husband Jason held an outstanding event. Accompanied by talented vendors! 
      Their young son & his friend offered to carry our vintage goodies out to our car, glad I still had some cash left for their well deserved tip!
      I was looking forward to meeting blogger & vintage connoisseur Jeanine from Chippy!-Shabby! 
      She was delightful…she had a very cool selection of vintage finds displayed ever so lovely! 
      You can click above links and find her and Ann Marie on my blog list on the right!

      While I was there…Saw a magical double rainbow, a vintage truck in a tree,
      Went Antiquing in old barns & shopped a vintage flea market. Visited family and had delicious lunch at a cousins new restaurant Light House in Williams Bay, WI . Toured beautiful Botanical gardens in Chicago with my cousin and then to a beautiful little scenic tour and lunch in Lake Forest, Ill.
      I prepared a light dinner for my cousins while we chatted, laughed & cried over stories of our family and the best of times at my niece and SIL’s old Historic coach house in Delavan, WI. 
      Sampled some  fresh Wisconsin goat cheese from  Brick street market in Delavan & fresh fig homemade preserves from the alley market in Lake Forest. 
      Early morning walks in pretty neighborhoods looking at houses with my cousin. Listened to a beautiful Spring Bell choir recital that my cousin preformed in at their church.
      After… they took me on a beautiful Sunday drive to my old neighborhood. Saw my family’s Lake houses on Sand Lake and Crooked Lake. Oh my I miss them so much! Then on to dinner at a little spot in Antioch, Il.

       Staying with my family, seeing them, catching up, sharing meals together, telling old stories, and hearing new ones was just perfect in my book! 
      I was so Happy…. I truly felt so welcomed and showered with Love!
      I have the best family… just so you know!!!!
      I will post more later, need unpack and back in the groove!!

      Here are some vintage finds from Na-Da and other shopping places. I have a box or two being shipped!
      Picked this metal Horse sign for a friend here in SoCal, 
      I sold her a horse property and this will be perfect!
      Found these White Ironstone for my collection.
      Love these Brown Transfer ware pieces I found…
      This perfect little vintage glass pitcher for syrup had to be mine…
      Awesome buy on these vintage jars too!
      Pretty vintage german mug faded just so…
      A glass vintage telephone pole cap...
       I think it will be a perfect hose guide!

      Never enough time to get to everything when I ‘m there, but the time there was the BEST!!

      Lucky I was able to get these on board in my luggage!
      I have more posts to come from the trip so stop by!

      Have a beautiful Wednesday

      What treasure you have found!