A beautiful June morning to you!
      I wrote about going to a flea market on my recent trip.
      My SIL and I now have a little outing just the two of us look forward to each Spring visit.

      This was opening day @ Elkhorn & I must say it was a beautiful day!
      Before I show you what I did find…
      Here are a few sightings, that I didn’t bring home….
      This was a gorgeous cast iron fire place front. I have a smaller one in my garden house.
      Honestly….I am having remorse about not getting this amazing leather chair…
      Darling chippy olde hutch….

      I really wanted this door!
      This would of been a cool piece in my glass front refrigerator, but I’m not doing pink!
      A wonderful highlight was visitng sweet Jeanine who is “CHIPPY SHABBY“.
      She had so many cool things…but this
      little vintage metal flower vase with a glass vile had to come home to SoCal with me!
      I first met her at NADA farm sale so it was fun to see her this Spring!

      So here is what vintage finds I found onmy trip  &  DID bring home….
      Vintage turn of the century oil lamp converted to electric.

      Vintage ceiling mount lighting.
      Lucky to find two! Might go in a hall or butler’s pantry!!!
      Super olde marmalade jar from Great Britian… LOVE LOVE LOVE!
      a single vintage white rufflely plate….
      a petite white vintage ironstone oval platter…
      YES mam…Cool olde coveralls… washed them 3 times, 
      already wore them to a farm to table dinner we went to with friends at a little organic farm!!!
      & omg love them!!!
      & the softest yummiest olde flannel men’s work shirt, I’m ready for Autumn!!!
      I LOVE all my vintge finds…

      I went to a few other places…

      Tommy Guns Antique mall in Delavan, WI where I found these vintage crystal prisms.
      I found a gorgeous horse weather vane there too for My SIL. She bought it for her Coach house! 
      A beautiful olde black frame, I found with my causin at A VINTAGE VAULT in Kenosha, WI.
      The detail linen second frame inside is gorgeous, 
      A special litle frame!

      I had do much fun…
       I LOVE all my vintage finds, everything weathered the flight & came home in tact!

      Saturday June 7th, here for my series for SSO DESIGNING with VINTAGE,
       I will show you some ideas with the vintage pieces I found!
       So I hope you will join me.

      Later this week I will share some really cool shops in Chicago that we visited!

      A beautiful day to you Darlins…

      Hi Gail,
      I use to wear coveralls and I love your find !!
      All your treasures here are so what I would have zeroed in on and scooped them up!

      You inspire the best.


      Looks like you had a good trip with lovely finds though I too can see that leather chair in your home!

      I hope your son's baseball season is going well…championships??
      xxo Kerrie

      Hi there! Yes it was fun to see you again, I had such a fun morning and I love my little metal flower vase I found at your space! Until next time! Thank you for adding me to your roll, a honor to be there!
      Have a wonderful summer Jeanine!

      Greetings Gail!*!*!
      Sooooo good to SEE & ViSiT with you again – at Elkhorn Flea!!! LoVE the Overalls!*!*! YOU netted some fab shabbies!*!*! Until NEXT TIME… Thanks so much for the *Shout-Out* as well…
      Jeanine Burkhardt