Anytime there is a chance to re-use or re-purpose something from it’s original intention, 
      I think it’s brilliant!
      Haven’t you been wanting to do something fun in your garden or for your front porch?
      Summer is the best time to do a little DIY project.

      Here is some inspiration to help us get started…

      Can you believe how beautiful this vintage chair is? It is covered with succulents. 
      It looks like knobs of wool to me!

      If you prefer moss, than of course this may be your style!

       This chair looks so fluffy, possibly is growing a bed of moss or baby tears.

      My favorite house! This is gorgeous! Covered in moss…
       This would have passerby’s hitting the brakes!

      A couple of romantic pieces for the garden!
      These are just lovely!

      My Design tip: Any decor can add a piece of vintage furniture covered in greenery.
      Use something vintage that has a great shape and character. It will soon become a statement piece.

      Thank you for stopping by and hope your weekend is filled with all that you enjoy!

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      I have a chair rescued from the neighbors curb and have stripped off all the fabric and fill. That moss look is my favorite – thanks for the inspiration!