Today was my Mother’s Birthday… Her name was Beatrice, her friends called her Beats!

      I have been thinking about her and how she loved her Birthday.
      She used to get so excited and it was fun to surprise her. When I was old enough I started making home made box cakes for her and my brothers would usually have me short on the frosting! {They were dipping in for tastes!!!} My Mother loved Chocolate just as I do!
      She loved Dressing up and going out to Dinner and she and My Dad loved to Dance. They were Beautiful together on the Dance floor. I adored her, She had the most special spirit and was the kindest, most loving women I ever met. I miss her Daily.
      I found one of my favorite photos of my MOM . I also found this one of me in my Modeling archives in a vintage suit too. We were both in our twenties!!!
      My mom loved Summer, she had so much fun growing up on the Lake!!
      January is a big month for Birthdays’
      My son’s New Years day, My Husbands was yesterday!
      Also lots of friends who are celebrating in January.
      I wish everyone a *Happy January Birthday*