My special post came…
      So excited to unpack the box of vintage finds from my midwest trip a couple weeks ago!
      I have one more coming but I will post when it gets here!
      This one had the pretty vintage white corbels I bought at the NaDa Farm sale…
      Unfortunately one had a little break on it’s shipping journey. 
      It is ok… I can mend it! 
      Very french… with the Fleur-de-lis!
      This pretty blue vintage mason jar is one of several I found at the vintage flea market… 
      So reasonable, I could have bought dozens!
      Roses from my garden…
      Mmmm LOVE the chippy winter white paint!!!
      Pretty with my silver Starfish!

      Last night my friend invited me to her daughters end of the year music recital. 
       Choir and Strings, representing the elementary grades from their school in Rancho Santa Fe.
      How LOVELY!!!
      I must tell you that these young students were fabulous.
      They sang a couple of current pop songs that were so different to hear in choir!
       I kept reminding myself that they were elementary students, Articulate and disciplined…
       Personally it was a special treat to be there and hear such beautiful and pure sweet voices! 
      Talented instructors who have created a incredible music program there.
      Music is so important for us all.
       A voice is a gift, which should be shared….

      Have a beautiful Wednesday Darlins

      I love old mason jars too! They can be used for everything. The silver Starfish is absolutely breathtaking. I am glad that you enjoyed the little concert that you went to. It is so important for kids in school to have some kind of arts program.

      I love your special finds! It is great to use mason jars for flowers, so beautiful. The corbels are amazing!

      2013 Designers Series
      Art by Karena