I‘ve been Hunting for the perfect Vintage Outdoor Dining Farm Table…

      Officially passed the comfort test from my critics…. {family}
      It’s perfect… I knew the moment I saw it my mission was over.
      Honestly I do this a lot… Definitely my personality signature I guess you might say!!!
      I look forward to locating it in the middle of our little vineyard!!!
      What year will that be you ask? I’ll have to get back to you!!! Stay tuned!!
      Seriously… I Happily forgave the flowers and chocolate for Valentines for this!!!!
      Who says you can’t get one of these for Valentines Day…..
      {Photo from in the store} It’s in a truck on the way here….
      My Design Tip: Patience is key for finding everything… A Home, Furniture, Accessories.
      It is out there .
      {Don’t settle}. It will be worth the wait… Even Love*

      Lots of xoxo,

      That looks just like the farm table we bought at a flea market in France. It's in our condo in Mammoth. So, you'll be doing some al fresco dining soon?
      Mary Ann