Usually the weekends at my house always include a lot of gardening/projects/sports….

      Today was no different, except I sat this one out at home to garden and the boyz went to the “Motor cross Championships” with I was told 30,000 other peeps!!!
      When I was trimming my bazillion boxwoods, well… a couple hundred my hands are telling me it was a bazillion, anyhow I was remembering how awful this whole area looked when we bought this house. So I found a before and after picture to show you of this project.
      The first thing we need to do was to install a fence around the acreage. There wasn’t one…
      This area took a long time, First the layout and design then we had to bring a bobcat to grade. We built more retaining walls, and modified the existing ones. Then we did the electrical, stone staircase, pond area, fire-pit, and a foundation for the Garden house. The stone is all natural from our property. We had to use what was here. The masons chiseled each stone by hand $$$$$. So I didn’t stray to far from the job site… wouldn’t want any cell phone talking or naps happening!!!
      Then we did all the irrigation, timers and planted all the trees shrubs etc.
      Forgot to mention this property had a well, of course not a working well…So we put in the electrical mechanics and etc. so we can use the well for our landscape irrigation. We are doing everything green…Yes, we put in solar too, I’ll save that for another post!
      I knew what I wanted to see from my kitchen and the views from this side of the property. It is all designed with low voltage lighting. It’s very dark here so it’s really beautiful at night…. It was essential to do this right and was worth the muddy mess and time. We love it!!
      My design tip is: Have a plan, make a statement. Your landscape, hardscape and accessories should compliment the style of your home.
      Landscaping is such an important detail to all of my design projects, It is the frame around the home…
      Have a beautiful Sunday*

      Hi Gail! I wanted to let you know that for some reason your link at the party isn't working but I just knew in my heart that the little photo I was looking at had to be from you! 🙂 Your photos are always so gorgeous and even in the smallest size I could still get the sense that it belonged to your home. So, I came over and scrolled and scrolled and got to see so much more of the gorgeousness along the way until I found this post. Your landscaping is absolutely beautiful and you have completely transformed that area! If you want to, come back over and link it up again because I know other folks would love to see it too. 🙂

      Hello !! Thanks for your email !! What a wonderful blog you have !!
      From Anette in Sweden