Morning Darlins,
      Standing at the sink this morning I felt the first cool breeze of the season!
      Ahhh Autumn might be here in SoCaL!

      I love a kitchen displaying vintage or heirloom plates in a plate rack.
      A charming way to add something useful and artistic.

      When our collections get behind closed doors of a hutch.
       we aren’t able to appreciate their beauty any time we wish.
      Sooooo if there were no upper cabinets in our kitchens,
       I know we could get pretty creative with our dish ware!

      Here are two styles we most often see. 

       Photos: Pinterest
      What would your preference be? 
      I would love your opinion on plate racks!

      My Design tip: Plate racks are useful storage. Adding charm with dishware in a kitchen is very welcoming and makes a space feel cozy.

      Hop over to my Satruday”Designing with Vintage” series at Second Shout Out blog. 
      It’s nesting time and there are some really cool vintage items in the shop for your home. 

      Off to scout some western attire for a OC big western fundraiser event this evening!
      Going to be fun…
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      A beautiful weekend to you!

      Oh Gail, although I love all the inspiring photos and could live with any of them providing I could tweak them to fit my style design and color. My preference is photo #3 I love all it's rustic charm, of course the rack has to be in keeping with the rustic feel of the kitchen itself, yet I might mix it with the more or less rustic in my home.
      Gail my favorite is the last picture, having a thing for industrial wires and metals, along with woods there is something so euro- culinary-ish about it, yet that's the one I want for my kitchen Help me find it Lol! :))

      Was I any help at all?

      NOW! What one is your favorite one, and what one do you want?