When you hear these words
       upcycling & repurposing
      are you wondering what’s the difference?
      Maybe I can show you how they are different!
      Upcycling…little different than repurposing.
       Upcycling is converting forgotten items and furnitture into something creative and utilitararian.
      Dismantling them and using several pieces to build something truly one of a kind.
      Repurposing is using something that was intended for a specific use in a new way.

       Both….Inspiring us to scout for salvage pieces with history and seeing them in a brand new way.
      These are upcycling pieces are exceptional, 
      I can see these types of upcycling projects for merchants as well as for home.

      A wine barrel tub, really cool for outdoors…{repurposed piece}
      Vintage wash stands
      porch balusters
      are crafted into these benches.

      Recognize this?
      A hint for you….
      We all slept in one!
      Photos from Pinterest

      My Design tip:  If you have a sentimental attachment to a piece but you don’t like the style or what it is, upcycle it. The history will still be there . Loving it, is using it.

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      Enjoy a beautiful weekend,

      Love the cute sleigh bed crib ends turned into white bar stoles chairs, the truck bed is cute as well, I did a similar look for a model home yet not a whole truck just part of it from the LA. Designs center.
      The tub would be fun to have in a outdoors court yard as a soaking tub.
      Gail it's so much fun to look,at the crazy fun one can make from salvage.

      Have a great week, will be looking forward to your holiday designs.