What fun it is to unpack Christmas!
      We picked out our family Christmas tree Friday morning bright and early!
      Garlands & wreaths too!
      I love the smell of Christmas greens…

      Last night it was attic night, like an assembly line from the attic down the ladder to me at the bottom.
      Whispering careful…fragile!!!

      Now the fun part…we can mull through each trinket. 
      Mostly I should say me…

      The boys like when it’s all done!
      They are on lights
      am on pretty!
      A favorite little vintage pink ball ornament…
      Trying to decide where I can put things in the renovation!
      This vintage swedish cabinet is just sitting here for now…
      I can have fun with it until has to move!
      Hope your beginning to decorate and enjoying the reminders of Christmas’s long ago..

      These antlers I bought at the NADA farm sale the first time I went.

       They so remind me of my Dad.
      He was such an outdoorsmen…
      Today is his birthday!

      This picture of my Mom & Dad is at my mom’s house standing on the iced lake. 
      My mom grew up here. 
      We spent every Christmas here with our whole family!
       All snuggled in with our grandparents, aunties, uncles & lots of cousins.
       The best memories ever!
       My favorite house... my Uncle Walt in the background…
      I miss them all!
      Happy Birthday wishes to you DAD up in the heavens!
       I’m sure he is with my beautiful mom! 
      Have a beautiful day*

      Happy Birthday to your belvédère dad.
      And love the beauty of a Nordic feel to your Christmas here.

      Joyeux Noël