Hi Darlins..
      I hope you have had a lovely day… mine began early with tree trimmers taking down a couple large trees. I also found out a couple of my roses I just planted are bare, we found some hoof prints…DEER prints…
       I can’t believe the deer would come that close to the house in the night!
       What is my dog, Miss Chloe doing? She needs to start sleeping with one eye open…. the other to watch out for the deer coming to eat the roses. Miss Chloe, no kidding is the size of a small bear, complete with an attitude!

      Ok…  my post today is on unique storage using vintage materials.
      Also the entire post is on Second Shout Out Saturday’s day’s “Designing with Vintage”

      Storage is a commodity….
       We never have enough, or the perfect storage to accommodate those organized life necessities! 
      We are in the middle of a renovation so that means we are tearing out what storage there is and replacing it. 
      I have had to find some unique creative options for storage.

      These two tall cabinets made from wood constructed boxes and vintage doors have been made from windows. 
      I am using them in my kitchen right now to serve as temporary cupboards since we have removed all my kitchen uppers and some lowers.  
      The doors keep the construction dust off our glasses!
      Another door used for storage… Pinterest
      Love these doors on this dining storage too! 
      My Design tip: Using vintage and salvaged materials is perfect to construct a one of a kind storage piece. 
      You will find endless uses for these pieces
      I can’t wait to share my ideas for the pieces later…
      I hope this inspires you to think a bit differently about your storage…

      Hop over to Second Shout Out  read the whole post and shop… it’s easy to find some really cool pieces there!