Morning Darlins…

      Monday down at our gate was a little box that was sent to me.

      I could smell the fragerance, as I opened it up…
       Inside was this!
       A beautiful classy black paper box tied with a perfect coordinating bow.
      Inside was a fresh scented white candle in glass with their gorgeous B&W label.

       A sweet note accompanied saying….sending this token of their appreciation for including them in my Favorite shops post in Chicago. {June 17th, 14 was the post date}

      I have mentioned before, that I love to light a candle in the day, especially mornings when I’m up early!
      I placed it on my vintage marble entry console.
      It is so “Classic Remix”….
       the style of their home furnishing store is 
      classic, refined, fresh, fun & gorgeous curated with a NewPort, Hamptons-ish kind of lux vibe.

      So pretty next to some roses I freshly cut, these will get into water after the photo.
      Front of “Classic Remix” Chicago.
      You can check out the Chicago story if you look at June, 17th’s post.
      If your in Chicago or visitng  put this on your to visit list!
      I will visit again!
      Thank you so much to “Classic Remix”
       for taking the time to send me this lovely token of your appreciation.

      All I can say is 
      Lovely unexpected!

      A beautiful day to you!

      What a beautiful surprise Gail, I think they made a mistake? They were suppose to send it to your faithful follower … me!
      Awwww! Do you just adore the beauty in gifting, their grace is so appreciative I am sure you were in shock and in awwww! with emotions of wonderment.

      I too will light a candle on those early dark mornings scents of lemon herb or a calming tea like scent it kind of gets me moving about inspiring my day.

      See you soon, and oh what a beautiful gift it is.