I love finding utilitarian pieces that were used in a service capacity. They were well made to withstand being tugged along by handles and wheels. This salespersons’ traveling shoe rack is one of those pieces… Wouldn’t you have loved to of seen all the beautiful shoes that may have been put on display! 

      This  vintage salesmen’s traveling shoe rack was used for showing a display of shoes offered to a store.
      This unique piece and others tell a story about our trades and how they presented fashion’s wares to shop keepers.

      Look at this little pocket on the side… it must have been used to hold the order book….
      or…little black book of all the pretty shop keepers!!!

      My design tip: This vintage piece would obviously be fabulous as a store display but also in a walk in closet to display vintage shoes, hats and bags! A different use would be in a barn for tack and horse accoutrements…Lovely!!

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      Have a beautiful Autumn Saturday…


      Oh, wow! What a gorgeous find! I love it. 🙂

      What a fabulous piece!! I love the little card holder!
      Hope your have a beautiful weekend.

      LOVE the piece! So pretty and shabby chick! 🙂