This topiary has grown to be HUGE!

      I shear it about twice a year. When I was shearing it this weekend my son said, “It looks just like a Giant Hershey’s Kiss” I love it. Its Rosemary, smells really wonderful.
      My Iceberg Rose Topiary’s are blooming nicely! I have three in a row like little pompoms***
      Hope you are enjoying this beautiful spring weather we are finally getting here in So. Cal.
      Happy WHITE Wednesday*
      {Take time to smell the Roses}

      Such a pleasure to read your blog and your inspiring words. I too love houses and one day we'll build the one of our dreams… Keep your spirit alive Gail! Love ya.

      Cathy C.

      I love the smell of rosemary too…great for cooking with also. We have it growing here too…but not as big as your kiss!