First of all “Thank you” from the bottom of my heart to all of you who sent me such touching words of Grace. I shared them with my family too.

      A tough week to say the least. We are sooo missing Bentley …..
      Ok…On a light note to start the weekend…
      Often I am asked.. How do I give my homes Character and Charm?
      Well, It’s many things. It’s knowing just what elements and how to achieve it.
      I’ll show you three photos from my home of three elements that are important.
      My Design Tip: Quality is the most important. Not Quantity.
      Just because it was a good buy or you collect it doesn’t mean it’s the right choice for your home.
      These are my THREE Favorites that I use to instantly give a Home “Character and Charm”

      * 1 Antique Lighting…. Cohesive with the homes Architecture/Style
      * 2 Antique Garden Elements….if it is for plants use Living Plants/Flowers
      * 3 Natural Stone…. Cohesive with the homes Architecture/Style
      Note: #1 & #3 may add value $$$$ to your home if chosen properly.
      Have a Beautiful Saturday*
      {If you live in the San Diego area email me for a consultation.
      It will be fun and you will see your home in a completely new light and Love it}!!


      I so agree with your quality over quantity tip. You are so much better off buying one really nice item than a bunch smaller, inspensive items. One beautiful piece in a room makes the entire space come alive.