Today is because of all the yesterdays.

      How are you? 

      I’m grateful. 

      For many reasons, but first for the opportunity I had yesterday to be sitting in an audience at Oprah’s Super Soul sessions.  Just saying extraordinary seems small!
      I have been writing more to see my own words, even simple reminders and old school notes!

      My posts have been spread apart, it’s not an excuse just to be busy so I all I can say is I’m willing to do better for my blog friends.

      I’ve been and still am quietly hush about the journey my life has taken recently, it’s because honestly it’s beyond words, I’ll just say it!
      I’m trying to find the best way to document this story of mine. So hang with me ok!

      A dream is a promise our hearts make..
      Our lemon grove has me busy harvesting for our local orders 2-3 times a week. 
      I’m grateful for such a beautiful healthy grove and for the company of my bestie, Our Saint Bernard “Lincoln”. We spend the early mornings here, he mostly naps as I tell him about the latest vintage finds or my design ideas!
      My small town is waiting for me across the lake beyond these green trees, 
      the road home has been epic and very long. 
      I’ll be sharing this journey with ya’ll soon.

      “Expect home to be everything, because it is”.

      I’m sharing on IG now too at

      A beautiful weekend to you!